JumJum World is the first character brand created by Index Holding in 2007. It started with the creation of JumJum the friendly orange Camel followed by 8 (eight) other endearing fascinating characters, who are dedicated to their ideals, dreams, and challenges. JumJum World is the first character series that reflects the reality of desert life. Unlike what is perceive about the desert, being empty and dull environment, JumJum World presents the reality of the richness of the desert with its wild life environment in a very exciting and adventurous way. By being full of life and optimistic, JumJum, and his friends will show us how challenges can be faced in a fun and positive way.

Proudly created and produced by Index Holding, JumJum World characters are based on the adventures of adorable, exciting and full of life. Desert animals, which reflect many of the Arabian culture, values, and attributes. Speaking about Arab cultures, values and attributes, we have JumJum the main character of JumJum World. JumJum is an orange camel and is known for being generous and kind hearted. Arabs are known for their generosity. Then, there is Eshrej the rat, who likes to drink coffee and talk about his wisdom and who loves poetry, a typical Arab man who must have his coffee without a day passing by. Than we have Habari the Houbara, one of the bird species that can be found in the UAE desert, who worries about being extinct. Heddy the hedgehog, another fun character that will definitely captivate the hearts of young ambitious boys who wants to do the things that they never knew they could. Being a hedgehog and has short legs does not stop Heddy from having the passion to play football. All these habits and characteristics of each character portray and reflect many of the Arab culture in a way that will educate our audience indirectly through the characters and understand the value of this amazing culture and tradition being it old or new. These bracing nine characters present themselves in a unique cultural spirit introducing the culture as well as the values of the people of the UAE.

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