JumJum World is the first character brand created by Index Holding in 2007. It started with the creation of JumJum the friendly orange Camel followed by 8(eight) other endearing fascinating characters, who are dedicated to their ideals, dreams, and challenges. JumJum World is the first character series that reflects the reality of desert life. Unlike what is perceive about the desert, being empty and dull environment, JumJum World presents the reality of the richness of the desert with its wild life environment in a very exciting and adventurous way. By being full of life and optimistic, JumJum, and his friends will show us how challenges can be faced in a fun and positive way.

Marhaba everyone! Kif il haal!”. I love anything orange, and oh yeah, world peace, hehe. I’m JumJum & I love making new friends… Habibi, help us find a new home in the desert. I hear it’s gonna be a wild and magical adventure!”
“Wassup y’all! Lizaro is the name, and hip-hop is my game. I wear a black hood, and it feels oh- so- good. It ain’t a lie, and you know I’m the best, If you don’t believe it, try and put me to the test! Later!”
Purrr..helloo…It’s Mia, myself and I..hehe..See my make up bag? Isn’t it pretty? I used to be a ‘pet’ and was treated like a queen! Meeeowwww..I miss that! I don’t like the desert life, but I guess it is where I belong now. I have made new pals and learn a lot of new things too!
“Err..hi I’m Heddy… As you can see, I have short legs, and have spikes all over my body. But you know, I still love to play ball. I really hope that one day I get to play for a famous team of long-legged soccer players. Erm…wanna play ball with me?…“
“Salam. The other JumJum pals think I’m arrogant, selfish, and stubborn. How dare they? What do they know? They think life is easy? Hmmph.”
“I have a teeny weeny problem. My name is Habari and I think I’m the last habari in the world! Oh no…Im gonna be extinct if I don’t do anything soon. I have to find out if other Habaras still exist in the desert. Wish me luck!“
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